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Consequences of Low Thyroid

Posted on September 20, 2009 at 12:05 AM

It should be known that low thyroid function significantly increases the risks of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, Alzheimer's disease, and of course hair loss.  Yet, there are other more subtle clues that something is not quite right with the thyroid. 

Poor circulation is an excellent initial clue, especially having cold hands and feet.  Do you lack color in your skin?  Blood circulation to the skin can fall well below 50% of normal, and in fact the frequent complaints of dry and cracked skin are a sign of insufficent fatty acids.  However, this deficiency isn't dietary related, it is the body's inability to deliver its supply of fatty acids to the skin due to poor circulation.  

Poor circulation not only limits fatty acid delivery, it also greatly diminishes nutrient supplies to the skin.  In my view, hair loss which includes male pattern baldness takes a serious hit in this department.

Various complaints that send patients to see their doctor are symptoms of low thyroid.   Everything from bacterial, viral, respiratory, sinus and urinary tract problems all can stem from low thyroid.  Typically these are symptomatically treated instead of the underlying issue being addressed. 

Antibiotics are the "tools" of the conventional physican's trade.  In both children and adults, everything from allergies and asthma to middle-ear-infections and sore throats are treated with band-aids, but still it is a common sign of low thyroid function. 

It's quite apparent that today, it is becoming almost "normal" to see so many patients taking prescription medications for anxiety and depression.  Subtle forms of persuation by way of advertisements and heavily compensated psychiatrists make taking anti-depressants seem like a fashion trend instead of a last report measure.

So maybe it's no surprise either that low thyroid function is a signficant cause of anxiety and depression.  The real tragedy here is that those suffering from male pattern balding are suffering from a double-whammy--that is if they are taking prescription anti-depressants.  The typical variety are SSRI's or Serotonin reuptake inhibitors. 

They can make hair loss worse by increasing levels of the hormone prolactin while also potentially ruining the natural sex drive.  If your wife or girlfriend suffers from abnormal, heavy menstrual bleeding, this is another sign of low thyroid. 

Will continue this with "Consequences of Low Thyroid Part 2"

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