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Cave Women Never Brushed Their Teeth!

Posted on March 11, 2010 at 5:43 PM

Primitive men and women have died with perfect teeth into old age, yet never once brushed their teeth.

Advertisers have been selling the belief that we 'need' to brush our teeth, and it further hurts matters that in many cultures, there is a social stigma, keeping a pressure on to brush, brush and brush more! 

What if I told you that brushing your teeth with toothpaste is actually harmful for your teeth and gums? Toss out your toothpaste and read on!

So then why do we get cavities?

The answer is that most of us no longer consume what our ancestors ate some two thousand years ago. Chances are, you're not living anywhere near where your ancestors lived, or at the very least, not eating anything like what your ancestors ate.

When you consume carbohydrate, your blood chemistry can reveal how this affects your calcium, phosphorus, glucose, cholesterol and triglyceride levels. The readings provide strong clues to your ancestral diet, and what you shouldn't be eating. Ultimately, the readings can reveal what sort of percentage in carbohydate, fats and proteins one should consume.

Essentially what to look for is a glucose level at 85 or below and a triglyceride level at a 100 or below. If these readings are higher, it means you'll need to reduce your carbohydrate consumption.

So what causes dental decay? Low phosphorus levels create a dysregulation of calcium. There is a normal, healthy fluid flow that goes through the tooth, from the pulp chamber, through the dentin, through the enamel and finally through the mouth. This will occur when the phosphorus level is close to 4.0

However, if the phosphorus level drops below 3.5, then the endocrine system that governs the fluid flow can reverse its direction through the mouth, through the enamel, into the dentin, into the pulp chamber and finally sucking the bacteria into the tooth.

If your ancestral diet originated from a cold climate, where fruits are never seen nor grown, your blood chemistry may not respond so favorably to all that much fruit in your diet.

To put it another way, if you follow the dietary "herd" and eat all the fruit that all the 'diet guru's' tell you to eat, you might eventually run out of viable teeth!

This becomes the case for so many who find themselves having dental cavitations filled with various toxic materials.

If your ancestral origins came from a tropical region where fruit grew abundantly, then your blood chemistry can handle plenty of fruit just fine.

Depending how your glucose and triglyceride levels respond to fruit, will provide a strong indication of whether you should steer clear of it or not.

There seems to be a prevailing trend spanning many decades of mothers giving their children fruit juices thoughout the day. If they had any idea what they're actually doing, they would stop this practice immediately.

Dr. Weston A. Price was a dentist who traveled around the world in the 1930's and 1940's studying the diet's of isolated primitive peoples from the modern world.

Weston Price discovered that he could eliminate or greatly reduce bad bacteria in the mouth which fuel the tooth degeneration process through diet.

"Civilized diets" or foods that come from the derangement of processing have left us with a toxic soup of substances such as white sugar, breakfast cereals, vegetable and hydrogenated oils, along with various flavor enhancers and additives that contribute to a dysregulated endocrine system.

When a Dr. Weston Price studied the robust, isolated, primitive peoples around the world, he found that many had a tooth cavity rates close to zero.

Dr. Price also noticed in groups following their traditional diet that decayed teeth either fell out painlessly, or were covered over with a hardened layer of enamel. Weston Price treated many cases of cavities with a success rate of over 90%.

Many wonder about filling in the gaps of prior cavitations. If the calcium and phosphate of the enamel is migrating out of the teeth, perhaps winding up in other areas of the body, naturally one would desire the opposite to occur.

To increase the building of tooth enamel requires the correct chemistry of nutrients and macronutrients. It also requires the cooperation of the endocrine system to drive the fluid flow outward, keeping the bacteria out.

Dental cavities can be properly prevented by rinsing acids off the teeth. The simple solution regardless of diet is to promptly rinse the teeth with salt water, or if you prefer, using baking soda. If on the go, then simply rinse with water during meals.

What about toothpastes you ask? Most toothpastes contain fluoride, so at the very least avoid any variety containing this neurotoxin. Another reason to avoid fluoride is because it deactivates an enzyme called adenosine diphosphatase, which is required to remineralize teeth.

Beyond that, maintaining a healthy glucose metabolism will help insure healthy calcium and phosphate levels. Nutrients such as the mineral, magnesium, vitamin K2 and Vitamin D will assist with regrowth of tooth enamel.

Fluoride appears to be a co-factor in gum disease, because it breaks down adhesive protein molecules which adhere the gums and teeth. According to Dr. Gerard F. Judd, fluoride has been shown to break apart hydrogen bonds, destroying some 83 enzymes.


Gum disease can be sufficiently prevented by salt water rinsing. There is no limit to the amount of salt one can use. Gum health is further augmented by sufficient vitamin C, which is critical for its integrity.

Receding gums is a nutritional problem, surgery is never necessary for this. Routine use of salt and water rinsing has been found to prevent future gum problems.

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