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Sleep Apnea Part Deux

Posted on March 22, 2010 at 9:58 PM

In the previous Daily Topic, I mentioned an oral formula so effective for sleep apnea, it would serve as an ideal alternative to C-PAP. Of course, nothing works for everyone, so I have two other methods to share with you, that are sure to help if relief has not yet been found.

One other effective alternative to C-PAP is using an oxygen concentrator, which is a very effective and inexpensive treatment for all kinds of sleep apnea.

It is referred to as overnight oxygen per nasal cannula. With this treatment, one can sleep on their side, and is a lot easier to use than C-PAP.

overnight oxygen per nasal cannula generates oxygen from room air, called an oxygen concentrator, supplies the oxygen. Oxygen concentrators do make some noise, but they are much less noisy than C-PAPs.

If breathing is decreased to the point that oxygen levels fall, then breathing a higher concentration of oxygen should raise the levels to normal. In most cases, using the oxygen concentrator will resolve all forms of sleep apnea.

However, not all obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) cases will work, and in such cases there is yet another alternative.

It may require the use of a plastic dental appliance that fits in the mouth.

This appliance is called a dental splint, and it maybe needed when oxygen delivery is simply not enough to overcome an obstruction, such as in OSA.

Sometimes with OSA, there is a constriction in the airway due to a problem with the curvature in the neck or an obstruction in the airway, causing a chronic elevation of cortisol.

The dental splint will allow an opened airway, making a healthy air flow possible.

Dental splints or appliances can be expensive, especially if they are custom fit by dentists. Fortunately, there is a splint available that costs a lot less, called TheraSnore.

According to their website, the adjustable TheraSnore is custom fit chair-side in your doctor’s office. Patients take their appliance home the same day they are fit. TheraSnore gently holds the mandible slightly protrusive without locking the mandible into the appliance. When the mandible is in a protrusive position, the tongue follows forward naturally and the soft tissue at the back of the throat tightens up. This protrusive position opens the airway, allowing more air to enter.

TheraSnore is 93% effective in treating mild to moderate obstructive sleep apnea and simple snoring. The appliance is available in three different arch sizes; large, standard, and small. The standard size is the most common and will fit just about any patient.

It takes about an hour to custom fit the splint. The approximate cost is $500 and maybe reimbursable by insurance.

To find a practitioner skilled in fitting this appliance, consult the following website.




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