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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do I require any lab or blood work prior to the consultation?

  • A: No, in fact it is not required to have any blood or lab work.

Q: I have lab tests can I send these to you prior to the consult?

  • A: Yes, while it is not necessary, you are welcome to send it

Q: How do I prepare for the consultation?

  • A: I send a health & history questionnaire, which you can review prior to the consultation. This will prepare you for questions during the consultation.

Q: What happens after the consultation?

  • A: Within 24-hours you will receive a detailed plan of action
  • You may ask for clarification if there is anything unclear via email

Q: Is it necessary to have a follow-up appointment?

  • A: No, however each case is different. It depends on the complexity of the health situation.

Q: If lab work is not required, how can you assess my state of health properly?

  • A: It sometimes surprises people to learn that a very significant amount of information is lost on blood or lab work.
  • I only use lab work to further confirm the existence of a probable condition.
  • I find that in depth and detailed conversation speaks volumes about a person's health, hundreds of times more accurately than lab work can.

Q: What is the benefit of a consultation?

  • A: While it may seem obvious, the primary objective is to ascertain all of the fundamental problems, the causitive factors.
  • Many of the underlying problems are typically overlooked by most clinicians, simply because their time is too short and there is no emphasis on this type of  diagnositic work.
  • The end goal is to save time and money and have a resolute plan for success.