A natural non-toxic approach to reversing hair loss.

Health Consultation

Consultation services are available

I can help guide you through a complex maze of information in order to establish
the best options to recover health or hair.

My experience goes well beyond two decades at fighting hair loss and optimizing health.
Will review your medical history, medications, and other pertinent information to help
you discover the correct approach for your situation.

You may find this experience a significant saver of your time, money and resources.
The reason is because each person is different, has inherently different vulnerabilities.

In addition to the consultation, you will receive a detailed recommendation via email
describing a plan of action.

How to get started

Rolling back rates due to economic recession 

Special Discount $100 off (now $149) instead of:

Rates: $249 per session (normally one to two hours) on phone or Skype
             $75 (now) per $50 per 45-minute follow-up

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