A natural non-toxic approach to reversing hair loss.

March 30th, 2023

A list of supplements I actually take
each and everyday for health & hair growth.

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A high quality, near 99% extract of Pure Ecklonia Cava without needless fillers. Many companies have used clever language to confuse consumers to fall for their inferior versions, such as "full spectrum" which is nothing short of ground up-leaves. Others will use an extract yet provide 87% of their content as corn-starch filler. So all in all, take a closer look, because that "good deal" isn't even close. 

So in short HairEvo Products are as close to a good value as one could possibly expect. We take these supplements ourselves because we have control of the quality.

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Ecklonia cava extract, one capsule morning and evening - Other Source
Caution:  Avoid other brands, must be Ortho Nutrition or Nutricology only!
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Antioxidant Boost

  • Antioxidant activity to assist in the neutralization of free radicals
  • An increase in the detoxification enzymes in the liver 
  • A boost in body-wide glutathione levels
  • May impede pathways that lead to detrimental neurogenic inflammation
  • Promotes the normalization of antioxidant systems within cells

Contains pharmaceutical grade, emodin-free, Trans-Resveratrol (99%), Curcumin 95, Quercetin (95%), and Sulforaphane (2%). This offers a profound value on Nrf2 activation.

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Antioxidant Boost - Contains Curcumin, Trans-Resveratrol 99% Pure
plus Sulforaphane & Quercetin

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If ingredients are purchased separately, then:
One capsule of Curcumin 95 taken with largest meal only - Other Source

Ortho Nutrition offers "Antioxidant Boost " features this with trans-resveratrol & sulforaphane

200 milligrams once per day trans-Resveratrol works as an adjunct to Curcumin
to neutalize neurotrophins - Other Source

Antarctic Krill Oil. It provides Omega-3 EPA and DHA linked into phospholipids, as well as the versatile protective carotenoid astaxanthin. These nutrients are vital lipids that act as building blocks for the cell membrane systems that manage many important bodily functions. 

  • Promotes prostaglandin balance (vital for hair health)
  • A bioavailable source of Omega-3 fatty acids bound to phospholipids
  • Easy to digest (no “fishy” burp commonly attributed to fish oils)
  • Studies suggest an increased in HDL Cholesterol levels (the “healthy” cholesterol)
  • Supports a reduction in unhealthy triglyceride counts within the body
  • Potent antioxidant activity
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Antarctic Krill Oil

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Take a  500 Milligrams of Krill Oil Once Or Twice Per day - Other Source

Stabilized R-Lipoic Acid utilizes BioEnhanced™ Na-RALA, the sodium salt of R-Lipoic Acid. This stabilized form does not degrade at high temperatures, and is also far more bioavailable than standard R-Lipoic Acid.

  • An increase in bodily glutathione levels
  • Regeneration of other antioxidants such as vitamins C & E, and Co-Enzyme Q10 
  • Fat and water-soluble, universal access to body tissue.
  • Positively boosts energy production; metabolizes glucose for the production of ATP
  • Enhances glucose transport
  • The only form of R-Lipoic Acid that has been scientifically demonstrated to increase life span in animals. If you live in the USA use this link: click here

Stabilized R-Lipoic Acid

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100 milligrams per meal Bio-Enhanced Na-RALA*                          
see notes below - Other Source

Decalcify utilizes therapeutic dosages of the two best forms of Vitamin K2 (MK4 and MK7) in conjunction with FruiteX-B® (a highly bioavailable form of Boron) and both Magnesium and Potassium Orotate. Typical Vitamin K2 supplements provide the cheap "food grade" version that lacks the efficacy and absorption rates of their more expensive pharmaceutical-grade counterparts.

  • Superior mineral absorption compared to non-orotate bound mineral products
  • Crucial in supporting healthy bones and blood vessels
  • Helps to maintain healthy joint and intestinal health
  • Aids in Calcium metabolism
  • Provides strong support for the immune system
  • Assists in maintaining and increasing testosterone levels in men
  • Increases cardiac glycogen, protein synthesis, and ATP levels

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Decalcify -  Contains therapeutic doses of Vitamin K2, along with bioavailable
Magnesium, Potassium all bound to orotic acid for superior absorption. Also contains
FruiteX-B for added support. 

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Acetyl L-Carnitine at 1000 milligrams per meal - Reasonable Source 

Works best with Lipoic acid for improved energy.

Vitamin D3 - Most people need about 5,000 IU (especially if you work indoors). (Source)

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Ancillary/Supplemental Options (most critical *)

Electrolytes containing a negative charge (Highly Recommend
before or after exercise or during hot weather, nervous conditions,
high stress, etc. Source

*MSM capsules (sulfur source) to dissolve scar tissue/fibrosis and to increase oxygen
transport. Large amounts are necessary due to insufficient levels in the
soil (including organic). Would take at least 5 to 10 capsules. Source

*Humic Acid/fulvic Complex for Heavy Metal Detoxification, enhances electrical activation
take one or two capsules before bed Source

Thyroid Boost is an alimentary source of iodine (better than organic).

Thyroid Boost contains a full range of nutrients that support a healthy thyroid gland. These nutrients act as a rich source of vitamins and minerals that provide both detoxification and immune system support. Thyroid Boost's primary constituents include organic and naturally-occurring iodine, selenium, alginates, and fucoidan  Quintessentially, this concentrated extract offers full-spectrum thyroid function co-factors in addition to metabolism and immune enhancement qualities.

  • Decreased brain fog and enhanced brain function
  • Improved Thyroid function
  • Increased hair health
  • Great raw, organic source of iodine and other nutrients & minerals
  • Improved skin elasticity and reduced dryness of skin
  • Promotes a strong immune system
  • Enhanced Metabolism
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Options if allergic to Krill and/or Shellfish for Omega-3 fatty acids: Source

Different Options on Multi-Minerals/Vitamins (try one of the following 4 selections)

Bee Pollen as natural source of B-vitamins, trace minerals Source

B-Vitamins for proper methylation or active-B-complex. Source

Natural Multi-Vitamin/Mineral Formula that contains non-synthetic

B-Vitamins for proper methylation (can be used in place of Brewer's yeast) Source

Brewer's Yeast (food based B-vitamins) take several tablets Source

Important co-factor for vitamin D:

10,000 IU of Vitamin A per day (not from Beta Carotene), a perfect tandem to Vitamin D3 Source

Two soft-gels of Toco-Sorb (Palm Tocotrienol/Tocopherol Complex

Cardiovascular risk? Elevated Lipoprotein(a) levels?
(d-alpha, d-beta, d-gamma, d-delta) which reduce lipid peroxidation
This is useful if when processed or cooked food is consumed Source

Mitigating Stress:

225 milligrams daily of Sensoril, Patented Ashwagandha extract Source
(Excellent for cortisol management and stress)

Quali-C (GMO-free), once or twice per day (Take on an empty stomach only
at least two hours away from food Source

LypriCel, Liposomal Vitamin C (an option for short term-term detoxification) Source

Different probiotics works for different people. Here is one option that works for some.

Health Origins Probiotic Source

General Hair Beautification 

Silicon has already been associated with bone mineralization, collagen synthesis, skin, hair and nails health atherosclerosis, Alzheimer disease, immune system enhancement, and with some other disorders or pharmacological effects. Source


Physiological changes to expect during the first two months of the regimen

Plenty of pills to swallow here. It's important to note that everyone has a unique biochemistry, therefore
which specific supplements will be most helpful can vary.

While it is not necessary to take everything listed, it is important to use at least the most important.
Virtually all will benefit from a heavy metal detox. The reason is simple, there will be less oxidative
stress remaining for the supplements to counteract.

For most users, Ecklonia Cava, Quercetin, Curcumin with Tran-resveratrol are most important. This is
followed by an essential fatty acid, such as krill oil, then Vitamin D3, lipoic acid (with or without ALC),
vitamin C, iodine, magnesium, etc. Beyond that it is quite subjective.

For anyone prepared to dive in 100%, it's important to understand that a regimen like this has other
advantages besides hair loss treatment and prevention such as health and longevity.  The main purpose
of this discussion is to "caution" or prepare people for some of these internals.

First, I want to make clear that I take 100 milligrams of Stabilized R-Lipoic Acid per meal (do not take
on an empty stomach or too far in advance of a meal) - Reason, it will lower your blood sugar. However,
with a meal or just before is fine. This is the "natural" form of Lipoic Acid (R-Lipoic). I used too
take alpha lipoic acid (ALA) at approximately 1,200 mgs of this a day in divided dosages, but
understand that is anywhere from 1/4 to 1/10th the power or less than the natural R-Lipoic!

Many brands of R-Lipoic lose their potency when exposed to above average temperatures, so opt
for a stabilized form of R-Lipoic known as K-RALA or N-RALA.

Using the combination of Stabilized R-Lipoic Acid & Acetyl L-Carnitine separately provides increased
energy, not just stimulated energy but real mitochondrial energy.

The effects of ALA and ALC together are augmented by each other (synergistic if you will). Because
of the anti-oxidant activity (which will regenerate/recycle) other anti-oxidants (like C & E).

Lipoic Acid tricks the hypothalamus at least for a little while into believing the body has recent
glucose activity, hence the appetite maybe lessened to an extent and you may experience
temporary weight loss as a result. Additional weight loss may occur due to significant antioxidant
activity. ALA or Lipoic Acid also raises Glutathione production, which is a "universal antioxidant,"
which promotes liver detoxification.

Many of these supplements, especially when used together is likely to create a virtual "tidal wave"
of detoxification.  Much of this will occur via the liver and other areas, which will bring on a kind of a
"cleanse."  Some whom are not familiar with this phenomena may see this as a "negative," totally
unrealizing that an incredible benefit is occurring.

The improvements in mental clarity, energy, elevation of mood and even libido maybe noticed.
You're not imagining it, these benefits are common and actually expected.

After a while, the body will "normalize" and not overtly detoxify as readily as before. You may
find better lipid and blood pressure and triglyceride readings I would count on it, at least in time.

*If a person is hypoglycemic, diabetic or has other pre-existing metabolic inefficiency (The usage
of lipoic acid has to be carefully rationed and used). In such cases, opt for alpha lipoic acid instead.

Other benefits from all of the above include decreased oily scalp, superior complexion, and
improvements relating to neurotransmitters.  According to the latest research, these supplements
can delay telomere shortening, which is synonymous with longer life.

Disclaimer:   The information provided on this site should not be construed as personal medical advice of any kind or instruction.  I am not responsible for the availability or content of any external or internal sites.  No action should be taken based solely on the contents of this site. Readers should consult appropriate health professionals on any matter relating to their health and well-being.  Disagree with any of the contents?  You're entitled to disagree, and I encourage everyone to perform their own due diligence and research the living daylights out of anything not agreed with herein.